Saturday, 31 January 2015

Sedbergh’s Lampposts

My favourite lamppost in Sedbergh is on Winder Drive, the one that still has its lamplighter-ladder supports.
There are two of nearly similar design in Bainbridge Road, on these though the ladder supports look more ornamental than useful and there’s more of a knurled summit to the pole. No so clean and utilitarian as Winder Drive’s.
Bainbridge Road also has a twirly lamppost, the only one in Sedbergh outside of Sedbergh School’s grounds.
Sedbergh School grounds have three twirly lampposts, one hiding behind the hedge by the cricket pavilion and the other two on the driveway that comes in from Loftus Hill. These have much more attractive lamp holders than the municipal ones on Bainbridge Road. (Must do some photos on a more accommodating day!)
On Winder Drive, too, is an old lamppost, no longer with a lamp, that has a single lamplighter-ladder support. This looks properly genuine, as many lampposts did have just a single support, in the days when the lamplighter actually came along with his ladder and lit the gas (an event I remember as a child in London).
The modern lampposts on Back Lane and Woodside Avenue have faux ladder supports, no one is going to rest a ladder on them! Bit posy really.
Those on Back Lane rock in the wind, which I suppose is entertaining.
There’s quite a nicely battered rusty one on Main Street, on which those on Back Lane are presumably based, though the lamplighter-ladder supports still look a bit doubtful from the utilitarian perspective.
Oh me! Oh my! I hope the little lady passes by!

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