Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Historic Street Typography in Sedbergh

An old faded sign in Sedbergh Main Street shows what once said, ‘Licensed Betting Office’ and scratched over the top you can just make out ODANA. So what is Odana? Odana was a snack bar where The Haddock Paddock fish and chip shop is now. I am told that ODANA was an acronym for One Damned Adventure Now Another. The owners went on to run a takeaway restaurant of the same name in Northallerton and after it was sold new proprietors never changed the name, so there is still, in 2015, a takeaway in Northallerton called Odana.
You can just see ODANA etched into the wood.
picture courtesy Tony Hutt
Odana in Sedbergh when it was first opened, photo 1961 or 62.
picture courtesy Tony Hutt
By 1964 or 65 when this picture was taken, the brickwork had been rendered, as it still is. And in the window, was a dog, though possibly not always. Carol Proctor says, ‘used to go to the snack bar after Sedbergh dances each Saturday night, it was a bit like a youth club, all the youngsters used to meet there’.
I like hand-lettering and Odana Sedbergh in the 1960s is especially good fun.

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