Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Sedbergh Walk 1

Walk 1 of my short walks around Sedbergh
Map of Walk 1. See this in detail on Ordnance Survey Custom Maps.
We start our walk at the east end of Sedbergh Main Street
We cross the main road into Vicarage Lane.
Along Vicarage Lane. Nice old iron fence on the right. We see this type of fence a number of times on our walk. These fences around Sedbergh wear well, they go a nice rusty colour and over time get damaged into shapes that are works of art. Obviously, best if not too damaged.
On our left as we walk down Vicarage Lane, a stand of ash trees. Six majestic ash trees.
To the end of the lane under the ash branches.
Through the kissing gate.
Then immediately left along a narrow track.
Along the track with the distressed fence to our left.
To a wooden kissing gate.
Then after the gate, through the pinch point.
At the end of this section of path is an enormous sycamore tree. In late summer flanked by buddleia and in spring by laburnum.
Another pinch point at the end of this section by the old vicarage. The distressed iron fence quite clear on the left. I love the weathered look of these fences.
Carry on along the path with Sedbergh Primary School on your left and a second giant sycamore on your right.
I will add to these photos as I get more pics processed, right to the end of the walk.

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